Monday, February 11, 2013

A Great Weekend!

This weekend was great. Anytime we get to be together as a family is always good. Hubby works a lot so on weekends, now that football is over, we rent movies, and eat ice cream splits and laugh! 

This last Friday night, we had a Valentines Daddy Daughter dance. It was so cute seeing all the Dads with their little girls. Here are my two. I can't believe my little girl is getting so big. Make time stop!

I have been trying to take room by room and clean and organize. I changed a closet into a mini homework office for the kids. I'll show that in a later post. This weekend, I tried to tackle the kids rooms. As you know, we are in a rental, but the owners are actually letting us paint, as long as we get color permission first. I haven't started painting anything upstairs yet, so the rooms are plain white. First step for me was getting rid of old toys and starting the organization process. Next step will be to actually decorate and paint!

This picture is scary- I took them with my phone so be prepared...


This is my sons room, as you can see. I organized toys in buckets of like kind and feel so much better about it now! 


Same with my daughters room. She's in love with anything American Girl Doll, of course, so her closet is their little city, but we're tackling her storage as well.

Once I get these rooms all done, I'll take you on a step by step basis and show my ideas how to make this process easier. How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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