Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Very BIG Trees!

warning... Be prepared for tons of Pics!...warning

What a wonderful weekend we had. It started out with happy hour Friday night at our local watering hole. We always take the kids and sit outside under the stars. It's one of those places where they have twinkly lights lining the oak trees on the patio. Don't you just love twinkly lights? I do!

We left early Saturday morning to join my best friend since birth... I know, can you believe I've known someone that long? Truly blessed! She and her boyfriend own a cabin in the woods near Murphy's. We had no idea Murphy's California was a wine haven! or is it HEAVEN? The streets were lined with people grasping their wine glasses, going door to door, enjoying tastes of Calaveras county wines and yummy food pairings!

It was a total surprise to us once we got there, but ended up having the best day. We later went back to the cabin and cooked up some yummy dinner, drank more wine, and played UNO! Just a lovely night!

I love it!

ARGGGG..... Matey!!!!

Sonia and I

Music men playing in the streets!

a pic taken by my Daughter Jacqueline

I love this pic of all 4 of us!

the 2 babes

tree hugger!

On Sunday, we got to go to Calaveras Big Trees State park to get the kids out and about before the drive home. It was just a lovely day and the huge trees were so beautiful! Take a look and some of these pictures and enjoy!

What did you do this weekend to celebrate Presidents Day!

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  1. What amazing pictures!! The big trees are just beautiful and the kids make them even better. Thank you for a great post.