about me

8 years ago my husband and I bought 5 acres in the California mountains. We built a beautiful Log home, put every penny we had into it, and realized it was too big of a project to keep up with, and too remote for the kids and Hubby's work. So, we moved my Parents into it, and they LOVE it!

We moved to the suburbs into a rental, which is an interesting change, to say the least. Half the size of house, built 30+ years ago, no where near as beautiful as our log home, but a minute from the grocery store and kids school, woohoo!

I originally started this blog 2 years ago to take readers on a journey of the build and dream, but now, these are just little snippets in our crazy life.

I am a Mom of 2 and a wife to a great husband, who keeps me on my toes. The kids have me running around everywhere, but I wouldn't change it for a second.

We moved to a cute little town and now trying to find our place here. We're renting for the first time in over 12 years, but it feels kinda nice to be able to move if we feel like it, for now...

I love my family and friends, I love coffee, I love wine, I love reading blogs about home design, and I love designing my home room by room! This is obviously difficult in someone else's home, but its allowing me to save some money rather then spending it all at Home Depot!

I hate writing, I hate homework, I hate seeing my hands are showing age and I hate housework, but the Maid is taking this year off!

It's been a while since I actually started this blog, thinking I'd be talking about something completely different. But for now, enjoy learning about my little family and where our journey will take us.

I'm going to take you on a ride and hope you can hang on while I show you how to make a house a home! ANY house! Even if you're a renter and can't change dirty carpet, laminate floor or old oak cabinets! A little design can warm up any home! This shall be ineteresting!